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An excellent comment from my friend Drew Gibbs…

By June 18, 2015No Comments

In light of this letter from a bunch of misinformed pastors, and Gov. Abbott’s “Pastor Protection Act,” which deliberately panders to the misinformed, I just want to share some information for my concerned Christian friends. The gay marriage movement, and the decision coming this summer from our Supreme Court, deals with forcing our gov’t to acknowledge gay marriage. NOT YOUR CHURCH. Just the gov’t. The gay marriage movement will never have any impact on your church or your pastor. The 1st Amendment is very clear: The gov’t can’t tell your church how to practice its religion. If your church doesn’t want to marry gay people, that’s your American right. However, there is another important American right. The right to not be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law and not denied the equal protection of the law. The SCOTUS is simply deciding whether or not that means States can pick and choose which adults get marriage licenses and which don’t. Can a State grant preferential treatment to “traditional marriage” over same sex marriage? That’s it. Don’t worry, your churches will always be allowed to prefer straight marriages over gay marriages, and we don’t need any phony “Pastor Protection Act” or ignorant letter from a bunch of misinformed pastors to make sure of it. They can refuse to marry whoever they want. My rabbi refused to marry me to a non-Jew. That’s his religious decision. If my County Clerk had refused too, then we’d have an issue. I hope your religious beliefs don’t keep you from understanding the distinction. Your religious beliefs aren’t under attack.

Drew Gibbs, Partner @ Carlson Law Firm