Alternative Dispute Resolution

Pre-Litigation Pro Se Mediations

In our experience, the cost of hiring attorneys to litigate disputes can be insanely high to most and cost-prohibitive for many. Attorneys require tens of thousands of dollars up-front to prosecute or defend most lawsuits. Total attorneys’ fees can run into the hundreds of thousands after all appeals are exhausted. The risk for many is just too much.

But what if that dispute could be resolved by a licensed attorney who acts as a mediator between the parties?

At the Law Office of Russell Frost, our experience as civil litigators in a wide variety of legal areas gives us the ability to quickly and effectively interview parties to gather facts, sort through any issues of fact and analyze how a particular finder of fact may mind, analyze the law, and advise both parties of the likely range of outcomes in a court of law, and then work with both parties to resolve their differences based on professional legal analysis and courtroom experience.

As a result, reasonable people with a dispute can save tens of thousands—or even hundreds of thousands—by reaching towards resolution early, as opposed to posturing for protracted litigation.

If you have a dispute, and if all the parties are willing to meet with a neutral licensed attorney in a good faith effort to work out their differences, call us now to find out how we can save you time, stress, and lots of money.

Call us now at (512) 225-5590 to speak with a mediation attorney.

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