The transition involved in dealing with the loss of a loved one can be difficult and emotional. Grieving alone is already emotionally draining. And dealing with the legal process of wrapping up someone’s estate can seem arduous and overwhelming.

If your loved one passed away and left a Will, it is likely necessary to Probate the Will in order to legally affect a change in title of the decedent’s property.

However, a full-blown probate is not always necessary. When the value of the Decedent’s estate is less than $50,000.00, a Small Estate Affidavit might be a cheaper alternative to accomplish needs of the Estate. Another alternative to the full-blown probate is a muniment of title, which is a slightly simpler way to transfer title to homestead property.

At the Law Office of Russell Frost, we are compassionate to your needs during your time of grief, and we will make the probate process as simple as possible while also making sure the estate is properly and legally distributed as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

Heirship Proceedings

Proceedings to determine heirship are sometimes necessary when a loved one dies without a Will. In an heirship proceeding, the court will ensure that the actual “heirs at law” are identified and located, and the law determines each heir’s entitlement to the estate. Procedurally, it is somewhat more complicated than a typical probate, and the procedure tends to cost more in attorneys’ fees in order to get the estate finally settled.

At the Law Office of Russell Frost, we understand the complexities of heirship proceedings. Not only do we represent applicants in heirship proceedings, but we are often appointed by the Travis County Probate Court to represent unknown heirs or heirs with legal disability to an estate. In short, we handle a lot of heirship proceedings, and we’d love to put our experience to work for you.

Call us now at (512) 225-5590 to speak with a probate attorney.

Will Contests

Unfortunately, the death of a loved one sometimes brings out the worst in the surviving family members. Relatives sometimes take control over an Estate without legal authority. Executors and administrators abuse their appointment. Those without rights to the Estate attempt to intervene illegally. And sometimes there are good-faith disputes about who is entitled to what.

Russell is no stranger to will contests and litigation on the Travis County Probate Court. Put his experience and expertise to work for you.

Call us now at (512) 225-5590 to speak with a probate attorney.

Trust Disputes

Trust agreements are contracts that allow one party (the trustee) to manage money or property for the benefit of another (the beneficiary). Not surprisingly, trust agreements are particularly susceptible to conflict between the trustee and beneficiary.

If you are involved in a trust dispute, call the Law Office of Russell Frost now at (512) 225-5590 to speak with a Trusts attorney today.

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Client Testimonials

Fast, efficient, and flexible with his scheduling, Russell did a fantastic job handling our estate planning before we went on a long trip overseas. He is very knowledgeable and willing to research details that fit your specific needs at an affordable price.

Rebecca DittmarPflugerville, TX

Russell is the best! He recently helped me with a legal matter and was very courteous, knowledgeable, and efficient. Got everything I wanted in very little time and at a fraction of the cost of what other attorneys wanted to charge me.

Jason LongCedar Park, TX

Russell recently helped prepare my will. He was knowledgeable, easy to schedule with, and stayed in contact along the way to make sure any questions I had were answered. I would definitely go to him again the next time I need legal help.

Bart LackornAustin, TX

Russell recently worked on my estate planning documents including my will, medical power of attorney, etc. He made sure I understood each of the documents very clearly and that they 100% matched my wishes before executing everything.

Teresa LewisAustin, TX

Russell is awesome! My wife was on hospital bed-rest with our first child and we really wanted to get our estate planning documents in place before his birth. Russell not only came to the hospital to walk us through creating our documents, he returned to the hospital with a notary just days later for an execution ceremony. Russell is a great attorney with tons of knowledge...

Nick ShiffertAustin, TX

Russell was very easy to work with and always kept me informed. He handled everything in a very sufficient and timely manner. Thanks to his knowledge and persistence, we were able to settle the lawsuit effectively. Also a very down-to-earth guy and easy to talk to.

Randall LopezAustin, TX

Russell completed fairly complex business documents for the transfer of our company. He was thorough, accurate and timely. I can not write enough as to how pleased I was with his service and expertise.

Don RichieAustin, TX

Russell Frost is the epitome of excellence in legal services. During the last six months, he facilitated a commercial real estate matter for me, that was very daunting. His promptness and attention to detail exceeded my expectations. I felt that my case was handled with the highest priority. The personal service I received made feel safe and secure during the entire process which gave me great piece of mind, and let me almost remove myself from the situation knowing that I was being represented by Russell Frost. I highly recommend Russell Frost if you are in the need of legal representation.

Lisa KundeSeguin, TX

Russell assisted with a case where our landlord had been foreclosed on, and we were being asked to pay several different parties. He was very responsive and helpful in getting us out of our current lease. We were able to get out of that lease, and also get 23 free days to move to our new apartment. Our case wasn't a focus of Russell's, but he was very proactive in finding out the details around our situation and continued until he was able to resolve our issues.


Russell does great work! He has already helped me form a LLC and take care of estate planning. He gets work done!

Josh BakerPflugerville, Texas

I have seen Russell in action in federal court as opposing counsel and was so impressed by his skills that I subsequently began joint- venturing cases with him. He is a top notch attorney and any client would lucky to have him on their side.

Drew GibbsCarlson Law Firm

Litigation is in and of itself unpleasant, but Russell Frost’s professionalism and thoroughness of representation coupled with calmness and even humor, made my experience as pleasant as it could possibly be. He is down to earth and very easy to work and did a wonderful job of explaining each step of the process as the litigation moved along. He has confidence without the arrogance, unlike many other attorneys. I have had the unfortunate opportunity to retain two other local attorney in the past and I do not have one good word to share about either. I believe Russell did his best to represent me and after all was said and done, I was actually glad Russell got some of my money instead of the roofing company. I highly recommend Russell Frost and would definitely use his services again!

Lori P.Austin, TX