The transition involved in dealing with the loss of a loved one can be difficult and emotional. Grieving alone is already emotionally draining. And dealing with the legal process of wrapping up someone’s estate can seem arduous and overwhelming.

If your loved one passed away and left a Will, it is likely necessary to Probate the Will in order to legally affect a change in title of the decedent’s property.

However, a full-blown probate is not always necessary. When the value of the Decedent’s estate is less than $50,000.00, a Small Estate Affidavit might be a cheaper alternative to accomplish needs of the Estate. Another alternative to the full-blown probate is a muniment of title, which is a slightly simpler way to transfer title to homestead property.

At the Law Office of Russell Frost, we are compassionate to your needs during your time of grief, and we will make the probate process as simple as possible while also making sure the estate is properly and legally distributed as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

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