Texas Expunction

Did you know that expunctions are available for charges brought unsuccessfully against Defendants?

What is an Expunction?

An Expunction is an order from the Court that certain records regarding an arrest or charge be destroyed.

When are Expunctions available?

Expunctions are available for the following:

  • An arrest in which you were released without being charged
  • A criminal charge that was ultimately dismissed
  • An offense for which pretrial diversion was successfully completed
  • A criminal charge that resulted in a not guilty charge or acquittal
  • An arrest in which your name appears in the record by mistake

When are Expunctions not available?

Expunctions are NOT available for the following:

  • An arrest that resulted in a guilty conviction
  • An arrest that resulted in community supervision or probation (except for Class C misdemeanors)
  • Certain dismissed criminal charges that are still within the limitations period

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What is the process?

Once you hire us, we can file a Petition for Expunction with the court and request a hearing be held to determine if an Expunction can be granted in your case.

We will prepare all of the documents for you and deliver them ready to be signed, notarized and filed with the courts.
We will attend the hearing and guide you through the process.

Will I be required to travel for a hearing?

Any hearing would most likely be held in the county in which you were charged. We will attend the hearing for you–no matter its location–and your presence would most likely not be required.

What happens if the court grants it?

Essentially all records of the arrest and/or charge are ordered to be destroyed.

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