Order of Non-Disclosure and Expunctions

Did you receive a POM at age 19? A DWI at age 21? Or is there some other small smudge on your criminal background record? If you have been successful on deferred adjudication probation, you may be able to control access to your criminal record through an Order for Non-Disclosure. Once sealed, you may legally and truthfully deny your criminal conviction.

What is an Order of Non-Disclosure?

An Order of Non-Disclosure is an order from the court effectively sealing your record from the public. It allows an individual to deny arrest or prosecution for which public information exists unless they are being prosecuted for a subsequent offense.

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Texas Expunction

Did you know that expunctions are available for charges brought unsuccessfully against Defendants?

What is an Expunction?

An Expunction is an order from the Court that certain records regarding an arrest or charge be destroyed.

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